Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy and Coaching

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Hi, I’m Mark DiFilippo, Holistic Psychotherapist, Mindfulness-Based Lifestyle Coach, Consultant, and founder of I earned my Master’s Degree in...
The Ocean. and Who We Really Are.
Mindfulness teacher and Psychotherapist, Mark DiFilippo of, discusses the confusion we face when we believe that we are our...
The Ground of Being
A meditation on who I REALLY am. A body? Thoughts? Memories? Sensations? Who am I REALLY??
Life is Awesome. Life Is Horrible. Life is Awesome.
A meditation on impermanence and nonattachment at the Grand Canyon.
I've worked too hard to get here. Don't F*** With Me
Life finds a way and having good, healthy boundaries in Red Rock Loop in Sedona, AZ
And sometimes, we can just grow and thrive and shine on our own!
It doesn't have to be about struggle. Red Rock Loop in Sedona, AZ.
And of course, we can soften and be beautiful.
Recognizing the prickly goo and Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ.
I Gotchu!
I Gotchu! A practice for befriending the self and cultivating understanding, compassion and support for YOU!
Mindfulness in Schools training complete@
Today, we completed the 8-week mindfulness training for Voorhees Township, NJ teachers and counselors. It's been a huge success!!
STOP Practice
The STOP Practice for freedom and self-care anytime, anywhere . . . . S top what you're doing T ake...
Oxygen Poem
Everybody's searching, externally, for something to make 'em happy, something other than ME . . . . . .
The Space in Between
Mark D from explains the mindful space that exists between stimulus and response, action and reaction. Through the cultivation...
Wake Up! a musical meditation on wakefulness . . . .
Mark D, of plays the HAPI drum and shares his thoughts on liberated mind
Welcome to the Present Moment
An outdoor Mindfulness Meditation with Mark D of We invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and follow...
The Island
Inspired by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Mark DiFilippo of guides you on a meditation in which you are...
Supersonic Savasana
A sample of the Supersonic Savasana magic offered on January 17, 2014 at Dhyana Yoga! Imagine the most relaxing and...
Emotional Revolution
Mark D from is back from hibernation and ready to drastically change our emotional landscape. For more information on...
What ever happened to Self-Love?
Mark DiFilippo, of, speaks on the love and compassion he has found for himself and questions the loss of...
I Love My Life!
Mark D of discusses why he LOVES life. It's not just because good things are happening. There's a de-identification...
The Universal Corn Chip
Mark DiFIilippo of waxes philsophique about non-self, interbeing, and corn chips . . . . Transcription . . ....
Droppin dharma-laden bombs at Dhyana Yoga's Cabaret!
3/1/13 - Dhyana Yoga Old City Cabaret!