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  • Welcome

  • Welcome to the Present Moment

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  • The Island

    12:18 ..
  • Wake Up! a musical meditation on ..

    07:10 ..
  • Supersonic Savasana

    25:36 ..
  • Emotional Revolution

    04:37 ..
  • What ever happened to Self-Love?

    15:14 ..
  • I Love My Life!

    07:00 ..
  • Why the Breath?

  • The Universal Corn Chip

    06:32 ..
  • Banana Meditation

  • Droppin dharma-laden bombs at Dhy ..

    17:59 ..
  • Stuck in a Tree


Welcome to, the internet’s premier destination for mindfulness-based health and wellness programming.

The guy in the video above is Mark DiFilippo, MA, EdS, LAC, a holistic psychotherapist, lifestyle coach, consultant, and yoga student who believes that every good thing in life begins with the breath. In fact, he believes that mindfully accessing your breath is the foundation for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and relationship health. This website is chock full of resources for individuals, mental health and wellness professionals, and corporate entities looking to enhance their lives by cultivating mindful awareness.

We invite you to take three deep breaths, decide which link above the video player is relevant to you, and explore the world of Thank you for being here. We’re so glad you made it.

Serving southern New Jersey and Philadelphia in person, and the world via Skype!

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