Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy and Coaching

  • The Space in Between

    Mark D from explains the mindful space that exists between stimulus and response, action and reaction.

    Through the cultivation of mindfulness, it is possible to gain an intimate understanding of our habitual ways of acting and reacting so that they may be transformed!

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  • Healing, Mindfulness, and a New Website!

    Welcome back to! I've been away on hiatus building my psychotherapy and coaching practice, teaching mindfulness, recording a mindfulness instruction CD, and revamping the RTYB website. I'm excited to say that this has been a year of growth, learning and healing, both for myself and my clients. Please watch my newest video for details on all of the above!... Continue reading »

  • Supersonic Savasana at KarmaFest

    Did you ever wonder what I was up to while you were laying there drifting in and out of consciousness?... Continue reading »

  • Emotional Revolution

    Mark D from is back from hibernation and ready to drastically change our emotional landscape. For more information on holistic psychotherapy, lifestyle coaching and mindfulness meditation, please visit Continue reading »

  • Wake Up! a musical meditation on wakefulness . . . .

    Mark D, of plays the HAPI drum and shares his thoughts on liberated mind... Continue reading »

  • The Island

    Inspired by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Mark DiFilippo of guides you on a meditation in which you are invited to return to the island of your true self.... Continue reading »